Journal article

An iron-dopamine index predicts risk of parkinsonian neurodegeneration in the substantia nigra pars compacta

Dominic J Hare, Peng Lei, Scott Ayton, Blaine R Roberts, Rudolf Grimm, Jessica L George, David P Bishop, Alison D Beavis, Sarah J Donovan, Gawain McColl, Irene Volitakis, Colin L Masters, Paul A Adlard, Robert A Cherny, Ashley I Bush, David I Finkelstein, Philip A Doble



Awarded by Kenelec Scientific

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by funds from the Australian Research Council, Agilent Technologies and Kenelec Scientific (as part of the Linkage Projects program, LP100200254), the Australian National Health & Medical Research Council, the Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health, the Alzheimer's Association and Operational Infrastructure Support from the Victorian State Government. So. ware was developed by Dr Michael Lake of the Computational Research Support Unit of the University of Technology, Sydney. Dr Christine Austin assisted with manuscript editing. We would like to thank Jonas Marnell of Ethix Design for assistance with digital artwork.