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Adaptive control of combustion instabilities for unknown sign of the high frequency gain

SJ Illingworth, AS Morgans

38th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit | Published : 2008


A type of adaptive, closed-loop controllers known as self-tuning regulators present a robust method of eliminating thermoacoustic oscillations in modern gas turbines. These controllers are able to adapt to changes in operating conditions, and require very little pre-characterisation of the system. One piece of information that is required, however, is the sign of the system's high frequency gain (or its 'instantaneous gain'). This poses a problem: combustion systems are infinite-dimensional, and so this information is never known a priori. A possible solution is to use a Nussbaum gain, which guarantees closed-loop stability without knowledge of the sign of the high frequency gain. Despite th..

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