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Linking Eco-Energetics and Eco-Hydrology to Select Sites for the Assisted Colonization of Australia's Rarest Reptile.

Nicola Mitchell, Matthew R Hipsey, Sophie Arnall, Gavan McGrath, Hasnein Bin Tareque, Gerald Kuchling, Ryan Vogwill, Murugesu Sivapalan, Warren P Porter, Michael R Kearney

Biology | MDPI AG | Published : 2013


Assisted colonization-the deliberate translocation of species from unsuitable to suitable regions-is a controversial management tool that aims to prevent the extinction of populations that are unable to migrate in response to climate change or to survive in situ. The identification of suitable translocation sites is therefore a pressing issue. Correlative species distribution models, which are based on occurrence data, are of limited use for site selection for species with historically restricted distributions. In contrast, mechanistic species distribution models hold considerable promise in selecting translocation sites. Here we integrate ecoenergetic and hydrological models to assess the l..

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