Journal article

Multi-gas emissions pathways to meet climate targets

Malte Meinshausen, Bill Hare, Tom ML Wigley, Detlef Van Vuuren, Michel GJ Den Elzen, Rob Swart



So far, climate change mitigation pathways focus mostly on CO2 and a limited number of climate targets. Comprehensive studies of emission implications have been hindered by the absence of a flexible method to generate multi-gas emissions pathways, user-definable in shape and the climate target. The presented method 'Equal Quantile Walk' (EQW) is intended to fill this gap, building upon and complementing existing multi-gas emission scenarios. The EQW method generates new mitigation pathways by 'walking along equal quantile paths' of the emission distributions derived from existing multi-gas IPCC baseline and stabilization scenarios. Considered emissions include those of CO2 and all other majo..

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