Book Chapter

Understanding the European Union and its Political Power: The Contribution of European Studies to Adult Education Policy Research

M Klatt

Adult Education Policy and the European Union: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives | Brill/Sense Publishers | Published : 2014


The European Union (EU) is frequently seen as an important actor shaping globalised education policy space but its complex architecture and policy-making processes carry a constant challenge to researchers. There is a growing tendency in the academic literature to avoid separating the national and the EU level of policy-making. The globalisation pressures and national interest advocated by each EU Member State are strongly mediated by specific ‘actorness’ of the EU: number and variety of actors involved in education policy-making and implementation. This chapter brings a political science perspective to help open a ‘black box’ of policy-making in the EU. It contextualises the inner-workin..

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