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Genome-wide association study identifies 25 known breast cancer susceptibility loci as risk factors for triple-negative breast cancer

Kristen S Purrington, Susan Slager, Diana Eccles, Drakoulis Yannoukakos, Peter A Fasching, Penelope Miron, Jane Carpenter, Jenny Chang-Claude, Nicholas G Martin, Grant W Montgomery, Vessela Kristensen, Hoda Anton-Culver, Paul Goodfellow, William J Tapper, Sajjad Rafiq, Susan M Gerty, Lorraine Durcan, Irene Konstantopoulou, Florentia Fostira, Athanassios Vratimos Show all

Carcinogenesis | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2014


Awarded by Cancer Research UK

Awarded by National Breast Cancer Foundation


Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the support of the Mayo Clinic Genotyping Core and Mayo Clinic Expression Core SKKDKFZS. We are grateful to all the patients for their participation. We thank the physicians, other hospital staff and research assistants who contributed to the patient recruitment, data collection and sample preparation. KBCP thank Eija Myohanen and Helena Kemilainen for technical assistance. HEBCS thank research nurses Hanna Jantti and Irja Erkkila for their help with the patient data and samples and Drs Ari Ristimaki, Tuomas Heikkinen, Mira Heinonen and Laura Hautala for their help with the tumor marker and pathology information, and gratefully acknowledges the Finnish Cancer Registry for the cancer data.