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An automated voxelized dosimetry tool for radionuclide therapy based on serial quantitative SPECT/CT imaging

Price A Jackson, Jean-Mathieu Beauregard, Michael S Hofman, Tomas Kron, Annette Hogg, Rodney J Hicks

MEDICAL PHYSICS | WILEY | Published : 2013


PURPOSE: To create an accurate map of the distribution of radiation dose deposition in healthy and target tissues during radionuclide therapy. METHODS: Serial quantitative SPECT∕CT images were acquired at 4, 24, and 72 h for 28 (177)Lu-octreotate peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) administrations in 17 patients with advanced neuroendocrine tumors. Deformable image registration was combined with an in-house programming algorithm to interpolate pharmacokinetic uptake and clearance at a voxel level. The resultant cumulated activity image series are comprised of values representing the total number of decays within each voxel's volume. For PRRT, cumulated activity was translated to abs..

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