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Misperceptions of ovarian cancer risk in women at increased risk for hereditary ovarian cancer

Bettina Meiser, Melanie A Price, Phyllis N Butow, Belinda Rahman, Kathy Tucker, Benjamin Cheah, Adrian Bickerstaffe, John Hopper, Kelly-Anne Phillips



This study assessed the sociodemographic, medical and psychological predictors of accuracy of perceived risk in women at increased genetic risk for ovarian cancer. Women participating in a large cohort study who were at increased risk of ovarian and fallopian tube cancer, had no personal history of cancer and had ≥1 ovary in situ at cohort enrollment, were eligible. Women completed self-administered questionnaires and attended an interview at enrollment. Of 2,868 women unaffected with cancer at cohort enrollment, 561 were eligible. 335 women (59.8 %) overestimated their ovarian cancer risk, while 215 women (38.4 %) accurately estimated their risk, and 10 (1.8 %) underestimated it. Women who ..

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