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Plant Cytokinesis Is Orchestrated by the Sequential Action of the TRAPPII and Exocyst Tethering Complexes

Katarzyna Rybak, Alexander Steiner, Lukas Synek, Susan Klaeger, Ivan Kulich, Eva Facher, Gerhard Wanner, Bernhard Kuster, Viktor Zarsky, Staffan Persson, Farhah F Assaad

Developmental Cell | CELL PRESS | Published : 2014

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by NSF grant

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Awarded by Charles University grant (Prague project)

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Prof. Grill and members of the Botany Department for support. Silvia Dobler helped with sample preparation. Matyas Fendrych prepared the EXO84b antibody. Alex Ivakov helped with spinning disk confocal microscopy. Ngoc Nguyen provided technical assistance. We thank TAIR and NASC for insertion lines. Thanks to Heather McFarlane for useful suggestions and a critical evaluation of the manuscript. We are grateful to Eva Benkova and Christian Luschnig for sharing published resources. Distribution of the JIM7 antibody was supported in part by NSF grant DBI-0421683 and RCN 009281. K.R. and A.S. were supported by DFG grants AS110/4-6 and AS110/5-1; L.S. and V.Z. by Czech Science Foundation grants GPP501/11/P853 and GACR P305/11/1629, respectively; and I.K. by a Charles University grant (Prague project 658112). S.P. was funded by the Max Planck Gesellschaft. This research was funded by DFG grants to F.F.A. and G.W.