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Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines Are Representative Models of the Main Molecular Subtypes of Primary Cancer

Dmitri Mouradov, Clare Sloggett, Robert N Jorissen, Christopher G Love, Shan Li, Antony W Burgess, Diego Arango, Robert L Strausberg, Daniel Buchanan, Samuel Wormald, Liam O'Connor, Jennifer L Wilding, David Bicknell, Ian PM Tomlinson, Walter F Bodmer, John M Mariadason, Oliver M Sieber



Human colorectal cancer cell lines are used widely to investigate tumor biology, experimental therapy, and biomarkers. However, to what extent these established cell lines represent and maintain the genetic diversity of primary cancers is uncertain. In this study, we profiled 70 colorectal cancer cell lines for mutations and DNA copy number by whole-exome sequencing and SNP microarray analyses, respectively. Gene expression was defined using RNA-Seq. Cell line data were compared with those published for primary colorectal cancers in The Cancer Genome Atlas. Notably, we found that exome mutation and DNA copy-number spectra in colorectal cancer cell lines closely resembled those seen in primar..

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Awarded by Cancer Australia

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by Cancer Australia through a Project Grant (APP1030098; O.M. Sieber), Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (J.M. Mariadason, A. W. Burgess, O.M. Sieber), NHMRC Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship (519795; S. Wormald), and a Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support grant. J.M. Mariadason holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship.