Conference Proceedings

A first order statistical method for guard interval based channel identification and source recovery

DH Pham, JH Manton

Fourth International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing, 2003 and the Fourth Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia. Proceedings of the 2003 Joint | IEEE | Published : 2003


A first order statistical method is proposed for multi-path channel identification and source recovery in communication systems which introduce guard intervals between blocks. The method adds a known low power maximum-length pseudorandom noise sequence into the transmitted signal to help estimate the channel. At the receiver, the channel is estimated as a function of the mean of the received blocks. There is no loss of information rate and no significant increase in signal envelope fluctuations. There are no scaling ambiguity and no conditions imposed on the channel. Moreover, a power allocation scheme is derived for determining the amount of power to allocate to the information symbols and ..

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