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An approximation method for the solution of the coupled-channels inverse scattering problem at fixed energy

M Eberspacher, K Amos, W Scheid, B Apagyi

Journal of Physics G Nuclear and Particle Physics | IOP PUBLISHING LTD | Published : 2000


We present a method for the quantum mechanical inverse scattering problem at fixed energy for coupled channels in reactions with composite particles as clusters or nuclei having internal degrees of freedom. The scattered particles can be excited by a local interaction between the relative motion and the internal dynamics which is written as an expansion in multipole terms. The inverse scattering problem is solved by an extension of the modified Newton-Sabatier method. We assume a special ansatz for the integral kernel in the radial wavefunction which is used to calculate the matrix of the coupling potential. The method has been applied to investigate the hypothetical scattering of two nuclei..

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