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Search for eV (pseudo) scalar penetrating particles in the SPS neutrino beam

P Astier, D Autiero, A Baldisseri, M Baldo-Ceolin, G Ballocchi, M Banner, G Bassompiene, K Benslama, N Besson, I Bird, B Blumenfeld, F Bobisut, J Bouchez, S Boyd, A Bueno, S Bunyatov, L Camilleri, A Cardini, PW Cattaneo, V Cavasinni Show all

Physics Letters B | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2000


We carried out a model-independent search for light scalar or pseudoscalar particles a's (an example of which is the axion) that couple to two photons by using a photon-regeneration method at high energies allowing a substantial increase in the sensitivity to eV masses. The experimental set-up is based on elements of the CERN West Area Neutrino Facility (WANF) beam line and the NOMAD neutrino detector. The new particles, if they exist, could be produced through the Primakoff effect in interactions of high energy photons, generated by the 450 GeV protons in the CERN SPS neutrino target, with virtual photons from the WANF horn magnetic field. The particles would penetrate the downstream shield..

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