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Neutrino production of opposite sign dimuons in the NOMAD experiment

P Astier, D Autiero, A Baldisseri, M Baldo-Ceolin, G Ballocchi, M Banner, G Bassompierre, K Benslama, N Besson, I Bird, B Blumenfeld, F Bobisut, J Bouchez, S Boyd, A Bueno, S Bunyatov, L Camilleri, A Cardini, PW Cattaneo, V Cavasinni Show all

Physics Letters B | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2000


The NOMAD Collaboration presents a study of opposite sign dimuon events in the framework of Leading Order QCD. A total of 2714 neutrino- and 115 antineutrino-induced opposite sign dimuon events with E(μ1),E(μ2) > 4.5 GeV, 15 < E(ν) 1 (GeV/c) are observed in the Front-Calorimeter of NOMAD during the 1995 and 1996 runs. The analysis and for the average semileptonic branching ratio of yields a value for the charm quark mass of m(c)=1.3 / GeV/c and for the average semileptonic branching ratio of B(c) = 0.095 / . The ratio of the strange to non-strange sea in the nucleon is measured to be κ = 0.48 / . The measured rate of charm-induced dimuon relative to single muon, as a function of neutrin..

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