Journal article

Environmental effects on seed composition of Victorian canola

FM Pritchard, HA Eagles, RM Norton, PA Salisbury, M Nicolas

Animal Production Science | C S I R O PUBLISHING | Published : 2000


Data from advanced breeding experiments between 1985 and 1994 were used to determine the effects of region, year and environment on the quality of canola grown across Victoria. Estimates from these unbalanced data were made using residual maximum likelihood. Environmental effects were large relative to cultivar effects for oil and protein content, while the reverse occurred for glucosinolate content. High oil contents (and low seed protein contents) were correlated with cooler spring temperatures and higher spring rainfall. Oil contents were lowest, on average, in canola grown in dry years, or from the hotter regions, such as the Mallee, and were highest in canola from the cooler, wetter reg..

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