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IgG4 Overexpression Is Rare in Meningiomas with a Prominent Inflammatory Component: A Review of 16 Cases

Aseem Lal, Sonika Dahiya, Michael Gonzales, Annie Hiniker, Richard Prayson, Bette K Kleinschmidt-DeMasters, Arie Perry



Meningiomas with prominent inflammation are traditionally classified as "lymphoplasmacyte-rich meningioma" (LPM). Both inflammatory and neoplastic meningeal proliferations have recently been linked to IgG4 disease, although a potential association with LPM has not been previously explored. Sixteen meningiomas with inflammatory cells outnumbering tumor cells were further characterized by CD3, CD20, CD68 and/or CD163, CD138, kappa, lambda, IgG and IgG4 immunostains. There were 11 female and 4 male patients, ranging from 22 to 78 (median 59) years of age. Tumors consisted of 10 World Health Organization (WHO) grade I, 5 grade II and 1 grade III LPMs. Immunohistochemically, the most numerous cel..

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