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Nickel complexation and photophysics of alkylanthracenyl dioxocyclam macrocycle derivatives

S Boyd, NM Cabral, KP Ghiggino, MJ Grannas, WD McFadyen, PA Tregloan

Australian Journal of Chemistry | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2000


Ligands H2L in which (10-R-anthracen-9-yl)methyl moieties (R = H, Me, Et) are covalently joined (6-position) to the 5,7-dioxocyclam macrocycle framework have been prepared and their nickel(II) complexes isolated and characterized. X-Ray crystal structures of NiIIL (R = H, Me) complexes show that in both structures the anthracene moieties are folded around towards the mean plane of the macrocycles; dihedral angles between the mean anthracene and macrocyclic planes of c. 22° are subtended. 1H n.m.r. spectrometry indicates that the folded conformations are retained in solution. Absorption and fluorescence spectra, fluorescence quantum yields and lifetimes of the anthracenyl macrocycles are repo..

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