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Analysis of candidate antagonists of IAP-mediated caspase inhibition using yeast reconstituted with the mammalian Apaf-1-activated apoptosis mechanism

CJ Hawkins, J Silke, AM Verhagen, R Foster, PG Ekert, DM Ashley

Apoptosis | KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBL | Published : 2001


We have reconstituted the Apaf-1-activated apoptosis mechanism in Sacchromyces cerevisiae such that the presence of a constitutively active form of Apaf-1 together with both Caspase-9 and Caspase-3 results in yeast death. This system is a good model of the Apaf-1-activated pathway in mammalian cells: MIHA (XIAP/hILP), and to a lesser degree MIHB (c-IAP1/HIAP2) and MIHC (c-IAP-2/HIAP1) can inhibit caspases in this system, and protection by IAPs (inhibitor of apoptosis) can be abrogated by coexpression of the Drosophila pro-apoptotic proteins HID and GRIM or the mammalian protein DIABLO/Smac. Using this system we demonstrate that unlike DIABLO/Smac, other proteins which interact with mammalian..

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