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Ink blots or profile plots: The Rorschach versus the MMPI as the right tool for a science-based profession

RD Buchanan

Science Technology & Human Values | SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC | Published : 1997


When a strange new test of perceptual style called the Rorschach reached the New World in the 1920s, it became almost immediately popular. Developed as a psychoanalytic "X ray" of the psyche, it succeeded because American psychologists wanted and needed it to do so, and to do so as that kind of test. Over a decade later, the MMPI was constructed as a more orthodox personality inventory geared to traditional psychiatric categories. While this medical legacy was soon removed or obscured, success was more gradual. After the war, clinical psychologists adopted a professional identity independent of psychiatry. Their personality assessment tools, and what counted as success, came to reflect a rec..

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