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A comprehensive analysis of the biogeography of the thelastomatoid pinworms from Australian burrowing cockroaches (Blaberidae : Geoscapheinae, Panesthiinae): no evidence of coevolution

AR Jex, MA Schneider, HA Rose, TH Cribb

Parasitology | CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS | Published : 2007


We report 21 thelastomatoid species parasitizing 31 described and 5 undescribed geoscapheine and panesthiine cockroaches, representing all but 1 of the known species of these subfamilies in Australia. The nematodes have 3 distinct patterns of host distribution: dominant, moderate and rare. The 4 dominant species, Cordonicola gibsoni, Leidynemella fusiformis, Travassosinema jaidenae and Aoruroides queenslandensis, are highly prevalent, found in nearly all host species examined, and broadly distributed. The 8 moderate species have lower prevalences but are still widely distributed. Many of these species are more common in one host subfamily than the other. The remaining 9 rare species have hig..

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