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Comparison of functional profiles at human recombinant somatostatin sst(2) receptor: simultaneous determination of intracellular Ca2 and luciferase expression in CHO-K1 cells

C Nunn, D Cervia, D Langenegger, L Tenaillon, R Bouhelal, D Hoyer

British Journal of Pharmacology | WILEY | Published : 2004


1. Somatostatin (somatotropin release inhibiting factor; SRIF) acts via five G protein-coupled receptors (sst(1)-sst(5)) that modulate multiple cellular effectors. The aim of this study was to compare two functional effects of the human sst(2) receptor stably expressed in CHO-K1 cells in a single experiment using a duplex assay for intracellular calcium and serum response element (SRE)-driven luciferase expression. 2. Intracellular calcium was measured using a fluorometric imaging plate reader II (FLIPR II). SRIF-14 rapidly and transiently increased intracellular calcium with a pEC(50) of 8.74+/-0.03 (n=52). At 5 h after FLIPR II measurements, luciferase expression was determined. SRIF-14 co..

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