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Identification and characterization of a type five-like somatostatin receptor in goldfish pituitary

XW Lin, C Nunn, D Hoyer, J Rivier, RE Peter

Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology | ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD | Published : 2002


In this study, a somatostatin receptor (Sst) cDNA was cloned and sequenced from goldfish pituitary. The cDNA encodes a 390-amino acid type five-like Sst (designated as gfSst(5)). The amino acid sequence of the receptor has slightly higher homology to mammalian Sst(5'), compared with other mammalian Sst subtypes and recently identified fish Sst(1), Sst(2) and Sst(3). In CCL39-SRE-Luci cells stably expressing the cloned receptor, agonist radioligand [125I]LTT-SRIF(28'), a mammalian SRIF(28) analog, bound to a homogenous population of receptors with high affinity (nM K(d)). Competition binding studies showed that all three natural goldfish SRIF ligands, SRIF(14), [Pro(2)]SRIF(14), and goldfish ..

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