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Normal phenotype in conditional androgen receptor (AR) exon 3-floxed neomycin-negative male mice

Kesha Rana, Michele V Clarke, Jeffrey D Zajac, Rachel A Davey, Helen E MacLean

Endocrine Research | TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC | Published : 2014


Androgens (testosterone and dihydrotestosterone) acting via the androgen receptor (AR) are required for male sexual differentiation, and also regulate the development of many other tissues including muscle, fat and bone. We previously generated an AR(lox) mouse line with exon 3 of the AR gene targeted by loxP sites. The deletion of exon 3 is in-frame, so only the DNA binding-dependent actions of the AR are deleted, but non-DNA binding-dependent actions are retained. This line also contained an antibiotic resistance selection cassette, neomycin (neo) in intron 3, which was also flanked by loxP sites. Hemizygous AR(lox) male mice demonstrated a phenotype of hyperandrogenization, with increased..

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