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Visualization and Identification of IL-7 Producing Cells in Reporter Mice

Renata I Mazzucchelli, Soren Warming, Scott M Lawrence, Masaru Ishii, Mehrnoosh Abshari, A Valance Washington, Lionel Feigenbaum, Andrew C Warner, Davis J Sims, Wen Qing Li, Julie A Hixon, Daniel HD Gray, Benjamin E Rich, Matthew Morrow, Miriam R Anver, James Cherry, Dieter Naf, Lawrence R Sternberg, Daniel W McVicar, Andrew G Farr Show all

PLoS One | PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE | Published : 2009


Interleukin-7 (IL-7) is required for lymphocyte development and homeostasis although the actual sites of IL-7 production have never been clearly identified. We produced a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) transgenic mouse expressing ECFP in the Il7 locus. The construct lacked a signal peptide and ECFP (enhanced cyan fluorescent protein) accumulated inside IL-7-producing stromal cells in thoracic thymus, cervical thymus and bone marrow. In thymus, an extensive reticular network of IL-7-containing processes extended from cortical and medullary epithelial cells, closely contacting thymocytes. Central memory CD8 T cells, which require IL-7 and home to bone marrow, physically associated with ..

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