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Linear growth and height outcomes in children with early onset type 1 diabetes mellitus--a 10-yr longitudinal study.

Shankar Kanumakala, Preeti Dabadghao, John B Carlin, Suzanna Vidmar, Fergus J Cameron

Pediatric Diabetes | Published : 2002


OBJECTIVE: To assess the linear growth and height outcomes and the influence of metabolic control on the near-final height in children with early onset type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM). STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: Retrospective longitudinal evaluation of 99 children with prepubertal onset of type 1 DM before 8 yr of age, who were regularly assessed, clinically and metabolically, from 8 yr of age to 17.99 yr of age. RESULTS: The mean prepubertal height Z scores at 8 yr of age were -0.17 (standard deviation, SD = 0.99) for boys and -0.29 (1.19) for girls, respectively. There was normal linear growth in girls with their mean near-final height Z score being -0.13 (1.07). This was not statistically di..

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