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Control of tumourigenesis by the Scribble/Dlg/Lgl polarity module

PO Humbert, NA Grzeschik, AM Brumby, R Galea, I Elsum, HE Richardson

Oncogene | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2008


The neoplastic tumour suppressors, Scribble, Dlg and Lgl, originally discovered in the vinegar fly Drosophila melanogaster, are currently being actively studied for their potential role in mammalian tumourigenesis. In Drosophila, these tumour suppressors function in a common genetic pathway to regulate apicobasal cell polarity and also play important roles in the control of cell proliferation, survival, differentiation and in cell migration/invasion. The precise mechanism by which Scribble, Dlg and Lgl function is not clear; however, they have been implicated in the regulation of signalling pathways, vesicle trafficking and in the Myosin II-actin cytoskeleton. We review the evidence for the ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Linda Parsons and Sarah Russell for critical reading of the manuscript and numerous discussions. We also thank Shernaz Bamji, Lawrence Banks, Chris Doe, Scott Goode, Daniela Grifoni, Juergen Knoblich and Senthil Muthuswamy for communicating results before publication. We apologize to those authors whose work was not cited directly owing to space limitations. POH was supported by a Career Development Award, HER by a Senior Research Fellowship from the Australian NHMRC and IE by a Postgraduate Cancer Research Scholarship from the Cancer Council Victoria. This work was supported by grants from the Australian NHMRC (POH, AMB, NAG and HER), Association for International Cancer Research UK (POH) and Australian Cancer Council Victoria (POH and HER).