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Multiparametric 3D in vivo ultrasound vibroelastography imaging of prostate cancer: Preliminary results

Mehdi Moradi, S Sara Mahdavi, Guy Nir, Omid Mohareri, Anthony Koupparis, Louis-Olivier Gagnon, Ladan Fazli, Rowan G Casey, Joseph Ischia, Edward C Jones, S Larry Goldenberg, Septimiu E Salcudean

Medical Physics | WILEY | Published : 2014


PURPOSE: Ultrasound-based solutions for diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer are highly desirable. The authors have devised a method for detecting prostate cancer using a vibroelastography (VE) system developed in our group and a tissue classification approach based on texture analysis of VE images. METHODS: The VE method applies wide-band mechanical vibrations to the tissue. Here, the authors report on the use of this system for cancer detection and show that the texture of VE images characterized by the first and the second order statistics of the pixel intensities form a promising set of features for tissue typing to detect prostate cancer. The system was used to image patients prio..

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