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Quantitative analyses of the plant cytoskeleton reveal underlying organizational principles

David Breuer, Alexander Ivakov, Arun Sampathkumar, Florian Hollandt, Staffan Persson, Zoran Nikoloski

J R Soc Interface | The Royal Society | Published : 2014


The actin and microtubule (MT) cytoskeletons are vital structures for cell growth and development across all species. While individual molecular mechanisms underpinning actin and MT dynamics have been intensively studied, principles that govern the cytoskeleton organization remain largely unexplored. Here, we captured biologically relevant characteristics of the plant cytoskeleton through a network-driven imaging-based approach allowing us to quantitatively assess dynamic features of the cytoskeleton. By introducing suitable null models, we demonstrate that the plant cytoskeletal networks exhibit properties required for efficient transport, namely, short average path lengths and high robustn..

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