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Galanin Systems and Ischemia: Peptide and Receptor Plasticity in Neurons and Oligodendroglial Precursors

Pei-Juan Shen, Andrew L Gundlach, T Hokfelt (ed.)

EXS | SPRINGER | Published : 2010


Cerebral cortex contains few if any galanin neurons, but receives galanin-ergic inputs from subcortical areas. Apart from our earlier study on the response to cortical spreading depression, little is known about the presence and function of galanin in normal or injured cortex and to gain more insight into its possible roles, we investigated the temporal effects of focal ischemia on the expression of galanin and galanin receptors (GalRs). Focal ischemia induced in the rat by unilateral middle cerebral artery occlusion increased galanin and GalR1 mRNAs in penumbral/undamaged areas on the first and second day post-ischemia, while increased GalR2 mRNA was observed in the same regions only on the..

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