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Response times across the visual field: Empirical observations and application to threshold determination

Allison M McKendrick, Jonathan Denniss, Andrew Turpin

Vision Research | PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD | Published : 2014


This study aimed to determine if response times gathered during perimetry can be exploited within a thresholding algorithm to improve the speed and accuracy of the test. Frequency of seeing (FoS) curves were measured at 24 locations across the central 30° of the visual field of 10 subjects using a Method of Constant Stimuli, with response times recorded for each presentation. Spatial locations were interleaved, and built up over multiple 5-min blocks, in order to mimic the attentional conditions of clinical perimetry. FoS curves were fitted to each participant's data for each location, and response times derived as a function of distance-from-threshold normalised to the slope of each FoS cur..

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