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Quantitative intratumoural microdistribution and kinetics of I-131-huA33 antibody in patients with colorectal carcinoma

Marika Ciprotti, Geoffrey Chong, Hui K Gan, Anthony Chan, Carmel Murone, Duncan MacGregor, Fook-Thean Lee, Terrance G Johns, Joan K Heath, Matthias Ernst, Antony W Burgess, Andrew M Scott



BACKGROUND: The ability of recombinant antibodies to adequately penetrate into tumours is a key factor in achieving therapeutic effect; however, the behaviour of antibodies at a cellular level in tumours is poorly understood. The purpose of this study was to investigate those factors that influence the macroscopic and microscopic intratumoural distribution of an IgG1-humanized antibody, huA33, in colorectal tumours. METHODS: Twelve patients were infused with radiolabelled huA33 at 7 days prior to elective surgery for colorectal carcinoma. Macroscopic huA33 uptake was determined by both gamma well counter and autoradiography measurements of the resected tumour specimens. Microscopic uptake wa..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported, in part, by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia grant nos. 280912 and 487922 and by funds from the Operational Infrastructure Support Program provided by the Victorian Government, Australia. This study was conducted with full compliance with current laws of Australia and with the approval of the Human Research Ethics Committee of the Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia and the Protocol Review Committee, Ludwig Cancer Research, New York, USA.