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Bond strengths to endodontically-treated teeth

T Nikaido, Y Takano, Y Sasafuchi, MF Burrow, J Tagami

American Journal of Dentistry | MOSHER & LINDER, INC | Published : 1999


PURPOSE: To evaluate the bond strengths of three different types of resin bonding systems to teeth prepared for endodontic treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Access cavity preparation and removal of pulpal tissue were performed in bovine incisors. The root canals were chemically irrigated with saline (control), 5% sodium hypochlorite, 3% hydrogen peroxide, or combinations of both for 60 s. After storage in water for 1 d, the dentin surface was ground to a flat surface with 600-grit SiC under water. The area for bonding was demarcated with a vinyl tape (4 mm-in-diameter hole), and bonded using either Clearfil Liner Bond II, Single Bond, or Superbond C&B. After storage in 37 degrees C water for..

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