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Switch and Tap-Changer Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks Using Evolutionary Algorithms

Alexandre Mendes, Natashia Boland, Patrick Guiney, Carlos Riveros

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems | IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC | Published : 2013


The reconfiguration of distribution networks is an important combinatorial problem. This work addresses the particular case of reconfiguration after an outage caused by the loss of a single branch of the network. The reconfiguration is carried out over two domains simultaneously: re-switching strategies and transformer tap-changer adjustments. The approach was tested using a real large-scale network within the concession area of Energy Australia. The model considers four operational elements: an AC power flow model, the network's radial topology when operating, voltage limits and load limits. Two evolutionary algorithms were implemented and tested. The first was a genetic algorithm, applied ..

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