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Next generation modeling in GWAS: comparing different genetic architectures

Evangelina Lopez de Maturana, Noelia Ibanez-Escriche, Oscar Gonzalez-Recio, Gaelle Marenne, Hossein Mehrban, Stephen J Chanock, Michael E Goddard, Nuria Malats

Human Genetics | SPRINGER | Published : 2014


The continuous advancement in genotyping technology has not been accompanied by the application of innovative statistical methods, such as multi-marker methods (MMM), to unravel genetic associations with complex traits. Although the performance of MMM has been widely explored in a prediction context, little is known on their behavior in the quantitative trait loci (QTL) detection under complex genetic architectures. We shed light on this still open question by applying Bayes A (BA) and Bayesian LASSO (BL) to simulated and real data. Both methods were compared to the single marker regression (SMR). Simulated data were generated in the context of six scenarios differing on effect size, minor a..

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