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A screening assay to simultaneously determine the presence and specificity of HLA anti-idiotypic antibodies.

GE Paterson, RG Walker, BD Tait

Transplant Immunology | Published : 1993


HLA sensitization is generally associated with an increased risk of graft failure. However, in many cases, highly sensitized patients with a negative current serum crossmatch may be successfully transplanted despite the high levels of alloantibodies (Ab1) in their serum. Sensitized patients may be divided into two groups. The group with a high-risk of early graft failure produces a negative current serum crossmatch as a result of antibody attrition, but upon transplantation the reactivation of Ab1 by the donor organ results in graft failure. The low-risk group gives a negative current serum crossmatch due to the abrogation of Ab1 by anti-idiotypic antibodies (Ab2). This specific inhibition r..

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