Journal article

Patellar taping: is clinical success supported by scientific evidence?

K Crossley, SM Cowan, KL Bennell, J McConnell

Musculoskeletal Science and Practice | CHURCHILL LIVINGSTONE | Published : 2000


Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a common condition presenting to physiotherapy and sports medicine practices. Despite its prevalence, the aetiology, pathogenesis, and recommended treatment remain unclear. One component of treatment for PFPS that has been subjected to scrutiny is patellar taping. This taping was designed to realign the patella within the femoral trochlea, thus reducing pain from PFPS and improving both quadriceps and patellofemoral joint function. Clinical and research findings confirm that the pain associated with PFPS is significantly reduced with patellar taping. Therefore, research has aimed at determining the mechanisms of this pain relief. The means by which pate..

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