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Allopatric Speciation within a Cryptic Species Complex of Australasian Octopuses

Michael D Amor, Mark D Norman, Hayley E Cameron, Jan M Strugnell

PLoS One | PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE | Published : 2014


Despite extensive revisions over recent decades, the taxonomy of benthic octopuses (Family Octopodidae) remains in a considerable flux. Among groups of unresolved status is a species complex of morphologically similar shallow-water octopods from subtropical Australasia, including: Allopatric populations of Octopus tetricus on the eastern and western coasts of Australia, of which the Western Australian form is speculated to be a distinct or sub-species; and Octopus gibbsi from New Zealand, a proposed synonym of Australian forms. This study employed a combination of molecular and morphological techniques to resolve the taxonomic status of the 'tetricus complex'. Phylogenetic analyses (based on..

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