Journal article

From passive margin to volcano-sedimentary forearc: The Tonian to Cryogenian evolution of the Anosyen Domain of southeastern Madagascar

SD Boger, W Hirdes, CAM Ferreira, B Schulte, T Jenett, CM Fanning


University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by International Development Agency

Funding Acknowledgements

Our research was funded by the International Development Agency, Credit No. 3754 MAG. The project was undertaken under the auspices of the Projet de Gouvernance des Ressources Minerales (PRGM - Madagascar). SDB and WH gratefully acknowledge the hard work and cheerful companionship of Richard Dallwig and Ulrich Schwarz-Schampera members of the Carto Sud team not directly involved in this research. The authors also wish to acknowledge the efforts of the Malagasy geologic and support staff, in particular the efforts of Auguste Razafinjoelina and Dauphin Raharinoro, the drivers, mountain guides, and good friends of SDB. Alan Collins and an anonymous reviewer are also thanked for their constructive comments. Delia Rosel is thanked for thoroughly proof reading the final version of the manuscript.