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Genetic determinants of heel bone properties: genome-wide association meta-analysis and replication in the GEFOS/GENOMOS consortium

Alireza Moayyeri, Yi-Hsiang Hsu, David Karasik, Karol Estrada, Su-Mei Xiao, Carrie Nielson, Priya Srikanth, Sylvie Giroux, Scott G Wilson, Hou-Feng Zheng, Albert V Smith, Stephen R Pye, Paul J Leo, Alexander Teumer, Joo-Yeon Hwang, Claes Ohlsson, Fiona McGuigan, Ryan L Minster, Caroline Hayward, Jose M Olmos Show all



Quantitative ultrasound of the heel captures heel bone properties that independently predict fracture risk and, with bone mineral density (BMD) assessed by X-ray (DXA), may be convenient alternatives for evaluating osteoporosis and fracture risk. We performed a meta-analysis of genome-wide association (GWA) studies to assess the genetic determinants of heel broadband ultrasound attenuation (BUA; n = 14 260), velocity of sound (VOS; n = 15 514) and BMD (n = 4566) in 13 discovery cohorts. Independent replication involved seven cohorts with GWA data (in silico n = 11 452) and new genotyping in 15 cohorts (de novo n = 24 902). In combined random effects, meta-analysis of the discovery and replic..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research and the Genetic Factors for Osteoporosis (GEFOS) consortium have been funded by the European Commission (HEALTH-F2-2008-201865-GEFOS). Several other sources of funding and people have supported work in the contributing cohorts as acknowledged in Supplementary Material, Table S2.