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Progestogens versus oestrogens and progestogens for irregular uterine bleeding associated with anovulation.

M Hickey, J Higham, IS Fraser

Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online) | Published : 2007


BACKGROUND: Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) is excessively heavy, prolonged or frequent bleeding of uterine origin which is not due to pregnancy or to recognisable pelvic or systemic disease. Anovulation may be inferred from a number of observations but, in the normal clinical situation, anovulation is often assumed when a woman presents with heavy, prolonged or frequent bleeding, particularly in those who are at the extremes of reproductive life and in women known to have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Menstrual bleeding that is irregular or excessive is poorly tolerated by the majority of women. Changes in the length of the menstrual cycle generally imply disturbances of the hypothalamo..

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