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Dispersal Capacity Predicts Both Population Genetic Structure and Species Richness in Reef Fishes

Cynthia Riginos, Yvonne M Buckley, Simon P Blomberg, Eric A Treml

The American Naturalist | UNIV CHICAGO PRESS | Published : 2014


Dispersal is a fundamental species characteristic that should directly affect both rates of gene flow among spatially distributed populations and opportunities for speciation. Yet no single trait associated with dispersal has been demonstrated to affect both micro- and macroevolutionary patterns of diversity across a diverse biological assemblage. Here, we examine patterns of genetic differentiation and species richness in reef fishes, an assemblage of over 7,000 species comprising approximately one-third of the extant bony fishes and over one-tenth of living vertebrates. In reef fishes, dispersal occurs primarily during a planktonic larval stage. There are two major reproductive and parenta..

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