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MRI--the investigation of choice in syringomyelia?

RJ Dowling, BM Tress

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology | Published : 1989


During a 12 month period of operation of a 0.3 Tesla MRI iron cored resistive scanner 74 cases of syringomyelia were diagnosed on clinical, radiological and/or surgical grounds. Without knowledge of any clinical or radiological data the syrinxes were classified into five groups--idiopathic, idiopathic associated with Chiari malformation, tumour associated, post-traumatic and arachnoiditis associated--and the lesion characteristics within each group were compared. Although MRI was extremely sensitive in picking up even small syrinxes, there was considerable overlap of MRI characteristics across the sub-groups, so that two post-traumatic syrinxes had lesion characteristics identifiable with th..

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