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Amylin in the periphery.

Peter J Wookey, Loredanna Xuereb, Christos Tikellis, Mark E Cooper

The Scientific World Journal | Published : 2003


Amylin (islet amyloid polypeptide) is a peptide synthesized principally in the beta-cells of the pancreatic islets together with insulin and has actions as a hormone, growth factor, and modifier of behavior. As a hormone, amylin acts to modify gastric motility, renal resorption, and has metabolic actions. It is postulated that the principal function of amylin as a hormone is the activation of physiological processes associated with feeding. As a growth factor, amylin acts on bone cells, renal proximal tubular cells, and islet beta-cells. Amylin has important targets in the brain that mediate its actions in the modification of behavior, including thirst and satiety. In man, amylin can form is..

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