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Mutagenesis and selection of PDZ domains that bind new protein targets

S Schneider, M Buchert, O Georgiev, B Catimel, M Halford, SA Stacker, T Baechi, K Moelling, CM Hovens

Nature Biotechnology | NATURE AMERICA INC | Published : 1999


PDZ domains are a recently characterized protein-recognition module. In most cases, PDZ domains bind to the C-terminal end of target proteins and are thought thereby to link these target proteins into functional signaling networks. We report the isolation of artificial PDZ domains selected via a mutagenesis screen in vivo, each recognizing a different C-terminal peptide. We demonstrate that the PDZ domains isolated can bind selectively to their target peptides in vitro and in vivo. Two of the target peptides chosen are the C-terminal ends of two cellular transmembrane proteins with which no known PDZ domains have been reported to interact. By targeting these artificial PDZ domains to the nuc..

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