Journal article

Operation Safe Haven: an evaluation of health surveillance and monitoring in an acute setting.

C Bennett, J Mein, M Beers, B Harvey, S Vemulpad, K Chant, C Dalton

Commun Dis Intell | Published : 2000


From May to June 1999, 3,920 ethnic Albanians from Kosovo arrived in Australia as part of Operation Safe Haven. These people were evacuated from refugee camps in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Initial processing in Australia occurred at East Hills Reception Centre, and accommodation for the duration of stay was provided in eight Haven Centres in five States. The arrival of a large number of refugees in a short time frame is unprecedented in Australia. A health surveillance system was developed and critical health data were collected to assess health status and needs, plan care, monitor for potential outbreaks of communicable diseases, track service use, to meet international repo..

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