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Regulation of miRNAs in human skeletal muscle following acute endurance exercise and short-term endurance training

Aaron P Russell, Severine Lamon, Hanneke Boon, Shogo Wada, Isabelle Gueller, Erin L Brown, Alexander V Chibalin, Juleen R Zierath, Rod J Snow, Nigel Stepto, Glenn D Wadley, Takayuki Akimoto

The Journal of Physiology | WILEY | Published : 2013


The identification of microRNAs (miRNAs) has established new mechanisms that control skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise. The present study investigated the mRNA regulation of components of the miRNA biogenesis pathway (Drosha, Dicer and Exportin-5), muscle enriched miRNAs, (miR-1, -133a, -133b and -206), and several miRNAs dysregulated in muscle myopathies (miR-9, -23, -29, -31 and -181). Measurements were made in muscle biopsies from nine healthy untrained males at rest, 3 h following an acute bout of moderate-intensity endurance cycling and following 10 days of endurance training. Bioinformatics analysis was used to predict potential miRNA targets. In the 3 h period following the acute..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported with funding from the European Research Council Advanced Grant Ideas Program, the Swedish Research Council, the Novo Nordisk Foundation and The Strategic Diabetes Program at Karolinska Institutet. S.L. is supported by an Alfred Deakin postdoctoral fellowship from Deakin University. N.K.S. is supported by the Australian Government Collaborative Research Network scheme.