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Asian study of effects of premenstrual symptoms on activities of daily life.

Lorraine Dennerstein, Philippe Lehert, Lam Siu Keung, Sadiah Ahsan Pal, Dooseok Choi

Post Reproductive Health | Published : 2010


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this paper is to assess the effects of premenstrual symptoms on quality of life as measured by the impact symptoms have on women's activities of daily life (ADL). STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional survey. Population-based, face-to-face interview with 1202 women aged 15-49 years recruited by random sampling in cities of Hong Kong, Pakistan and Thailand. Main outcome measures Checklist of 23 premenstrual symptoms, sociodemographic and lifestyle variables, ADL: overall impact of premenstrual symptoms on ADL and impact on each of six ADL areas. Regression analysis measured the impact of premenstrual symptoms and sociodemographic factors on ADL. RESULTS: Premenstrual physical an..

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