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The effect of chronic CRF1 receptor blockade on the central CCK systems of Fawn-Hooded rats

DJ Lodge, AJ Lawrence



Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) is a neuropeptide associated with the integration of physiological and behavioural responses to stress. More recently, the CRF system has been implicated in the modulation of affective state and in the actions of abused drugs, including ethanol. As such, we have previously demonstrated that the selective, centrally acting CRF(1) receptor antagonist antalarmin displays an acute anxiolytic action and reduces established volitional ethanol consumption in isolation-reared Fawn-Hooded rats [Neuroscience 117 (2003) 243]. Similar to CRF, CCK is a neuropeptide found in high abundance throughout the neuraxis and is involved in the control of appetite, anxiety, rew..

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