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Chronic decentralization potentiates neurovascular transmission in the isolated rat tail artery, mimicking the effects of spinal transection

M Yeoh, EM McLachlan, JA Brock

The Journal of Physiology | WILEY | Published : 2004


Spinal cord transection produces a marked increase in the response of the isolated rat tail artery to sympathetic nerve stimulation, possibly as a result of a decrease in ongoing sympathetic activity. We have tested the effects of removing ongoing nerve activity on neurovascular transmission by cutting the preganglionic input to postganglionic neurones supplying the tail artery (decentralization). Isometric contractions to nerve stimulation were compared between decentralized arteries and those from age-matched and sham-operated controls. Nerve-evoked responses of decentralized arteries were much larger than those of control arteries at 2 and 7 weeks post operatively. The extent of blockade ..

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