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Identification of brainstem neurons responding to hypoxia in fetal and newborn sheep

S Breen, S Rees, D Walker

Brain Research | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 1997


Hypoxia causes a reversible decrease in the level of respiratory, oculomotor and postural muscle activity in fetal sheep, an effect not seen in newborn lambs. We have used Fos immunohistochemistry to identify neurons which are activated by hypoxia and which may mediate this motor inhibition in the fetus. Pregnant sheep of either 117 or 138 days gestation were made hypoxic by allowing them to breathe 8-9% O2 for 2 h. Compared to age-matched control fetuses, hypoxia caused a significant increase in Fos-immunoreactivity in several medullary nuclei including the nucleus tractus solitarius, lateral reticular nucleus and the rostral ventrolateral medulla and also in the lateral parabrachial nucleu..

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